Dental Implants

Dental implants are the ideal solution for missing or damaged teeth!

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial roots inserted into the jawbone to replace missing teeth. At Carrefour Dentaire Dentavie, we offer implant services for anterior teeth, posterior teeth, or the entire mouth, with 3D scanning for treatment planning.

A very common question people ask is, “What is the average cost of a dental implant?” The cost of dental implants varies according to several factors, including the number of implants, the need for additional procedures such as bone grafting, gum grafting or sinus lift. At Carrefour Dentaire Dentavie, we offer financing options to make dental implants affordable.

Applications of Dental Implants in Modern Dentistry

Montreal implant technology and customization at Dentavie

Dental implants play an essential role in contemporary dentistry, offering flexible and durable solutions for a variety of tooth loss situations:

If you’ve lost a single tooth, an implant can serve as a solid support for a crown, restoring the appearance and function of the natural tooth.

When several teeth are missing, implants can be used to anchor a bridge, providing a stable and aesthetic solution.

For those who have lost all their teeth in one jaw, implants can serve as a foundation for a fixed full denture, offering a more natural feel.

Implants can also be used to support a removable full denture, providing greater stability and comfort.

If you have a prosthesis that moves, implants can be used to stabilize it, improving function and comfort.

At Carrefour Dentaire Dentavie, we use advanced techniques to customize dental implants to your specific needs, offering a solution that matches your unique situation.

Advice from the Dentist

“Dental implants can transform your life by restoring your smile and confidence. A consultation with a specialist dentist at Carrefour Dentaire Dentavie will help you find the perfect solution for you.”

Benefits of Implants

Dental Implants at Dentavie: A Durable and Aesthetic Choice

Dental implants are designed to resemble your natural teeth, creating an aesthetically pleasing smile.

They restore the ability to chew and speak, enabling normal daily life.

With proper care, implants can last for many years, offering a long-term investment.

Implants are securely fixed, offering comfort similar to your natural teeth without the drawbacks of removable prostheses.

The daily care of implants is similar to that of your natural teeth, making oral hygiene easier.

Implants provide a stable base for crowns, bridges or dentures, ensuring that they stay in place.

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