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Toothache Relief with our General Dental Care Services

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Understanding Our General Dental Care Services

Whether you’re experiencing severe dental pain, swollen gums, or increased sensitivity to hot and cold, our dedicated team is here to help.

Icône représentant une extraction dentaire, symbolisant le service d'extraction de dents offert en clinique dentaire.

Dental Extractions

If you're suffering from an unbearable toothache, our dental extraction service is here to help. Whether it's molar or other dental pain, our specialists will offer you fast relief.

Icône représentant un traitement de canal, symbolisant le service de soins endodontiques offert chez dentavie, clinique dentaire rosoment montreal,

Channel treatment

Pain at the back of the mouth may indicate a more serious problem. If you're experiencing an intense toothache, our root canal treatment could be the solution to relieve the intense pain caused by an abscessed tooth.

Icône représentant un traitement des maladies des gencives, symbolisant le service de parodontologie offrt chez dentavie, clinique dentaire rosemont montreal

Gum Disease Treatment

If your gums bleed or you experience gum pain, this often indicates gum disease. Our specialized treatment can help heal swollen gums and restore your oral health.

Icône représentant une chirurgie des dents de sagesse, symbolisant le service de chirurgie orale offert chez dentavie, clinique dentaire rosemont montreal

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

The pain of wisdom teeth can be unbearable. Our wisdom teeth surgery specialists are here to help relieve the pain and guide you on what to do if your wisdom teeth are hurting.

"Icône représentant la dentisterie pédiatrique, symbolisant les soins dentaires pour enfants offerts chez dentavie, clinique dentaire rosemont montreal

Pedeatric dentistry

Does your child need dental care? Visits to the dentist can be stressful for children. Our clinic offers specialized services for anxious children and guarantees a comfortable and pleasant experience for your child.


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In general, dentists are very anxiety-provoking for me. With the DENTAVIE dental clinic I was taken care of quickly, whereas I had never been taken care of there. Dr Bui Diep is incredible and his touch is really soft. No pain during injections and my problem was solved very quickly. I recommend this dental clinic 100%.

Yadi All

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