Dental prostheses

Missing or broken teeth, or increased sensitivity? A dental prosthesis could be your solution.

Why do you need dentures?

Symptoms to be aware of

If you’ve lost one or more teeth due to breakage or other reasons, there are a number of ways to replace them with dentures. Replacing a missing tooth is crucial to maintaining the proper alignment and occlusion of your teeth. This helps maintain a balanced masticatory function, ensuring optimal oral health.

A very common question we get is, “What do you do when you have a broken tooth?” If you find yourself in this situation, it’s essential to make an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible. While waiting for the dentist, avoid eating hard foods and apply a cold compress if necessary. Prompt treatment of a broken tooth can prevent further complications and help you regain a healthy smile.

The various types of dentures

Dentures fall into two main categories: fixed and removable. Each offers unique benefits and features to meet your specific needs.

Fixed prostheses

Fixed prostheses are designed to look and function like your natural teeth. They offer a durable and attractive solution

Replace one or more missing teeth, require regular care

Used to replace missing teeth, less invasive than traditional bridges

A modern, durable solution that’s as easy to maintain as a natural tooth.

Removable dentures

Removable prostheses offer a more flexible and often more affordable solution for replacing missing teeth.

Replace all teeth, must be removed for maintenance.

Replace a few teeth, can be removed at night.

Offer a more economical option, but may be less comfortable.

Chairside whitening at Carrefour Dentaire Dentavie in Montreal is an attractive option for those who want a fast, professional teeth whitening treatment.

Advice from the Dentist

“A denture is a form of removable dental prosthesis that replaces all the teeth, while a prosthesis can be fixed or removable and replace one or more teeth.”

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