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Book a free orthodontic consultation and discover how we can correct complex dental problems with modern, comfortable solutions. Our advanced technology offers customized treatments for the following conditions

Common problems addressed :

Misaligned teeth:

Alignment techniques to optimize available space and improve dental alignment

Diastema Closure

Targeted procedures to close gaps between teeth, creating a more consistent and aesthetic smile.

Crossbite, Crossbite or Open Bite

Orthodontic interventions to correct asymmetry of the arches and address associated occlusion issues

Premature Tooth Wear:

Evaluations and tailored treatments to counteract premature wear of the teeth and extend their health and functionality.

Proper Development of Dental Arches in Children

Preventative and corrective approaches to ensure harmonious development of the dental arches during growth.

Preventing Sleep Problems or Sleep Apnea

Orthodontic solutions that can help prevent or reduce complications related to sleep disorders, including sleep apnea.

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SureSmile® Orthodontic Technology

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Regular price: 9400$

Discounted price: 8400$

Why choose our SureSmile® Braceless Orthodontics?

Fast, effective results

With SureSmile® precision, your teeth move directly into their prescribed positions, allowing you to see results faster.

High-quality results

SureSmile® precision ensures that teeth move optimally into their targeted positions, resulting in perfect alignment and long-lasting results.

Fewer clinic visits

SureSmile® technology improves orthodontic efficiency and precision, reducing the number of clinic visits required and the length of treatment.

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Initial consultation with the Orthodontist

who will discuss your aesthetic dental needs with you.

Dental Diagnostics and Imaging

to detect orthodontic problems and understand the structure of your jaw and teeth

Drawing up a treatment plan

After the examination, we'll develop a personalized treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

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