root canal treatment

If you have dental abscess, a cavity that has progressed to the nerve, or if your tooth has undergone trauma, Root canal treatment can be a solution for preserving your tooth. At Carrefour Dentaire Dentavie in Montreal, we offer this service with expertise and care.

What is a root canal?

Root Canal Treatment: Relief for Toothache

Root canal treatment involves opening the tooth, cleaning the interior and removing pulp, nerves and blood vessels from the dental canals to the root tips. Next, the dentist applies a filling material called gutta-percha. This treatment renders the tooth devitalized and, consequently, more fragile, as it will no longer benefit from blood supply.

Goals of Root Canal Treatment

An infected or damaged pulp can cause intense pain and sensitivity.

Rather than extracting a severely damaged or infected tooth, root canal therapy aims to preserve tooth structure and function. This is important to maintain proper chewing ability and aesthetics.

When the tooth pulp becomes infected, the infection can spread to surrounding tissue, bone and even other parts of the body via the bloodstream. Root canal treatment removes infected tissue and stops the infection spreading.

It’s common for our patients to ask us, “Is it normal to be sore after a root canal?” It is quite normal to experience some pain or discomfort after a root canal. However, if the pain persists, we recommend that you make an appointment with your dentist at Carrefour Dentaire Dentavie.

X-rays and cost of root canal treatment

Cost of a Root Canal: Investing in the Health of your Tooth

Keeping the natural tooth in place preserves the overall appearance of the smile and avoids the need for more invasive treatments such as dental implants or bridges. Although a relatively costly procedure, root canal therapy allows you to avoid having to extract your tooth. To understand how much this could cost, contact our Montreal dental clinic for a consultation.

Other treatments associated with root canal

After A Root Canal Treatment: Preserving the Aesthetics of your Tooth

Following root canal treatment, certain additional measures may be necessary to preserve the health and appearance of your tooth. These measures include:

It may be necessary to reinforce the tooth with a post and crown after root canal treatment.

A change in tooth color may occur after treatment. In this case, a crown is often recommended to mask the color.

Root canal treatment may be required as a pre-prosthetic step (before placing a crown), even if the tooth is healthy and uninfected.

Carrefour Dentaire Dentavie
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Advice from the Dentist

“It’s by taking good care of your teeth that you avoid more extensive treatment. But if a root canal is necessary, don’t be afraid. It’s a common and highly effective procedure for preserving your tooth and your smile.”

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